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1 qt Engine Oil

Quartz 9000 Future 0W-20 (API SN) is well-engineered passenger car gasoline engine oil with excellent fuel efficiency. It outperforms traditional viscosity grades of 5W-20, 5W-30 or 10W-30 of passenger car engine oil for fuel efficiency. It meets all current industry standard requirements of domestic carmakers calling for SAE 0W-20 and is recommended to replace the SAE 5W-20 gasoline engine oil applications.

Quartz 9000 Future 0W-20 (API SN) is an all-season synthetic oil that can be used under the most difficult operating conditions (highways, congested city traffic, etc.). This grade is recommended by car manufacturers such as Toyota and Honda for some hybrid vehicle applications and excels in performance under low temperature conditions.
  • An exceptionally robust synthetic oil film resists oxidation at high temperature which allows extended drain intervals
  • Excellent low temperature flow properties insure easy cold starts
  • Engine components are lubricated quickly reducing wear, hence extending engine life
  • High quality detergents and dispersants keep engine parts clean
Specifications: API SN and ILSAC GF-5.
SAE Oil Weight0W20
High MileageNo
Case Quantity12
Size1 qt
BrandTotal Lubricants USA Inc
Part Number305217
Line CodeELF
TerminologyEngine Oil
Size1 qt
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