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1 qt Engine Oil

Parts Master monograde motor oil is formulated with advanced additive technology and highly refined, premium quality basestocks that protect today’s engines against undesirable deposits, contamination, and viscosity and thermal breakdown under severe service conditions. Parts Master Oil offers excellent protection to gasoline engines operating under high temperature and heavy-duty service (hauling trailers, boats or RVs for sustained periods).

The Parts Master Motor Oil Advantage:

  • High Temperature Protection: Resists breakdown in the most severe engine environments.
  • High Detergency: Fights formation of sludge and varnish deposits that reduce engine life.
  • Wear Protection: Contains anti-wear additives that dramatically reduce engine wear. Meets European and Japanese wear requirements.
  • Turbo Approved: Provides excellent protection to critical turbo unit components.
  • Not recommended for use in diesel fuel vehicles.
High MileageNo
SAE Oil Weight40W
Size1 qt
BrandParts Master
Part Number5165
Line CodePMP
TerminologyEngine Oil
Size1 qt
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